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Surface Treatment Series-Roller Coated
Roller coated Aluminium substrate is degreased and chemical treatment, roll paint high-quality coatings, Dryingand curing ,Process automation ,can more effectively control the accuracy of sheet metal,flatness ,so that architectural decoration uniform color ,soft and beautiful .Concept of low-carbon green ,with zero color.
1.Good Heat resistance performance, aluminium melting point is 660degrees,average temperature are not up to its melting point.
2.Environmental protection sex is strong, not easy to become yellow with no chromium processing liquid, makes up the defect of the Laminating board easy to easy color;Meet the requirements of environmental protection.
3.Corrosion resistance:because its surface has a close layer of oxide film, strongadhesion, oxidation resistance, strong acid,alkali,corrosion resistant, resistant to decay radiation
4.Colour and lustre is uniform and conatant:uniform fine.Its color is soft and dorgeous,colour and lustre is consistent.The color lasting constant new.
5.Combined with hard and soft, high surface strength.Can be combination, can be arbitrary cutting, slitting, curved, equilibrium pressure, drilling, connecting fixed and edge compression molding.

Aluminium ceiling-clip in

Aluminium Baffle Ceiling

Aluminium Panel
Aluminium Ceiling-Lay on
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