Aluminum Strip Ceiling
Aluminum Strip Ceiling
Aluminum Strip Ceiling-Linear Ceiling
Aluminum Strip Ceiling-Ceiling panels provide a rounded linear aesthetic. They come in a variety of colours and finishes with perforation patterns for enhanced acoustical performance.

The simple desogm amd economy of the Aluminum Strip Ceiling series consists of three profiles, C S and H-providing a wide range of design for interior and exterior ceilings. Effective acoustic performance for interiorscan be achieved by selecting both hole perforated panels and insulation material that is added to the back of the luxalon series ceiling panel.

Key features

  • Design flexibility: ideal for irregular shaped areas and sloping ceilings
  • Acoustic performance: open design of the ceiling provides good acoustic absorption, which is improved with the use of insulation material layed on the back of the plain or perforated panels
  •  aluminium and galvalume panels and components: high durability, requiring minimal maintenance
  •  finishes: wide range of pre-finished colours available for wide choice and colour-matching
  • Low cost: Ceiling System are a cost-effective solution, competitive with most conventional ceiling materials
  • Ease of installation: time on site is minimised and wet trades are eliminated, reducing disruption to other trades
  • Lightweight: easily handled on site. Only light loads applied to the building structure
  • Fully accessible: every panel is easily removable for access to above-ceiling services
  • Integration of services: lighting, air-conditioning and other services can be easily integrated into the ceiling system
  • Environmentally sustainable: materials are recyclable and made up of recycled content