Common mistakes in aluminium clip in ceiling selection
Common mistakes in aluminium clip in ceiling selection
1:The thicker the aluminium clip in ceiling, the better
Aluminium clip in ceiling is a new type of ceiling material with moisture,corrosion, fire and sound insulation and light weight.

When many people choose the aluminium clip in ceiling, they will subconsciously think that the thicker the clip is, the better, but it is not! The thickness of the substrate on the market exceeds the industry standard. It is usually recycled aluminium. The clip in ceiling is thicker, but it is easy to corrode and rust due to impurities. In fact, the thicker the better, the lighter, more elastic aluminium clip in ceiling is the best. Generally 0.6~0.7mm, too thick may also be made of film or inferior recycled aluminium.
Misunderstanding 2:Aluminium Clip in ceiling is more expensive than gypsum board
When it comes to aluminium clip in ceiling and gypsum board, let's first look at their pricing and price. The first is aluminium clip in ceiling, which is usually charged in square meters or tablets. If the billing is relatively , but most people are used to asking for the price of flat meters, then we have to know a few aluminium clip in ceiling per square meter. The common specification on the market is 300*300.
When calculating the area by dividing 1 by the area of a single piece, the number of piece
Misunderstanding 3:Metal ceilings are environmentally friendly 
Metal ceilings are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, but this is not the case! For the metal ceiling, the purity of the aluminium on the board is different from the surface process, and the price difference is relatively large. The best aluminium clip in ceiling is imported Coated board, no color difference, no discoloration for 30years. The worst is the sprayed board, which is easy to smoke, toxic and discolored. Interior metal plates contain heavy metals, which have radiation to the human body. High iron content is easy to rust, and inferior film is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, not all metal plates are environmentally friendly, but there are obvious advantages and disadvantages.
Misunderstanding4:The ceiling does not need to set the maintenance hole
Some owners feel that setting the manhole when installing the ceiling may be aesthetically pleasing, so ignore this step. However, the inspection port is not lacking! Because the ceiling may be covered with wires, you will not be able to find it in the future. If all the places are sealed, you have to completely uncover the ceiling, which is not worth the candle. Small ceiling generally retain a 600*600mm service port.