The one Most Influential aluminum ceiling trends of 2020
The one Most Influential aluminum ceiling trends of 2020
Recycled Materials is  one Most Influential aluminum ceiling trends of 2020

As the need for sustainability becomes more urgent, architects are increasingly turning to recycled materials.'s project (pictured above) shows that while using recycled materials is rooted in sustainability, aesthetics and craftsmanship don't have to be sacrificed. 

On a larger scale, cities are implementing strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of construction and development. This approach encourages "degrowth" by focusing more energy into the renovation and rehabilitation of spaces through adaptive reuse projects, as opposed to the development of new structures.

 Green Urban Planning

Landscape urbanism seeks to design city plans focused on preserving soil and water resources. The concept builds upon aluminum ceiling is belief that design should complement and listen to nature.

Permaculture, which relates to the sociopolitical impacts of architecture, has also led to the emergence of urban farming and other agriculture initiatives.  Saiyi Building material specializes in designing urban green spaces like the Nowadays Park pictured above. These efforts hope to use architecture and urban planning in ways that benefit communities.