Lay-In Aluminum Ceilings
Lay-In Aluminum Ceilings
Lay-In Aluminum Ceilings
Lay-In Aluminum Ceilings offer time-honoured eciling solutions,featuring recycled content, numerous sizes and edge options, and compatibility with standard features. They provide a simple, economical way to add metal ceilings to a project.

Key Features
Design flexibility: an exposed suspension system accentuates the grid pattern, using non-perforated or perforated square and rectangular tiles
The standard T-grid system makes it an ideal option for refurbishment and integration with other systems.
Made to measure:standard and customised tile lengths result in minimal installation time and economy of product due to minimal wastage.
Acoustic performance: tiles can have a factory-fitted, non-woven acoustic material  for acoustic applications
Durability:powder-coated aluminum or galvalume tiles and components ensure a long life, requiring minimal maintenance
Powder-coated finishes:standard and non-standard ranges of painted colours are available for wide choice and colour matching
Cost-effective solution:competitive with most conventional ceiling materials
Ease of installation:time on site is minimised and wet trades are eliminated, reducing disruption to other trades
Lightweight:easily handled on site. Only light loads applied to the building structure.
Easy plenum access:lighting, air-conditioning and other services can be easily integrated into the ceiling system
Interior or exterior applications
Environmentally sustainable:materials are recyclable and made up of recycled content