How to Treat Ceiling Panel Correctly?
How to Treat Ceiling Panel Correctly?
How to Treat Ceiling Panel Correctly?

Ceiling panel used in kitchen,bathroom originally, and now aluminum ceiling panel extended to living room,restaurant,balcony and so on. With the development of the times, under the impetus of innovation, the ceiling industry is going further and further away.
There has metal ceiling and gypsum ceiling.Because of purity and surface process of aluminum, the price is also different, the best ceiling panel is imported LG film face plywood, no color difference, the worst is spray plate, easy to smoke fumes and change color, toxic.Notice:Environmental panel is not metal ceiling, it is best quality metal ceiling.
1.If your house is not high enough, do not insist on install ceiling.
2.In selecting the metal ceiling, not the thickner is better, the thickness of the plate will affect the durability and appearance of the ceiling.
3.The key to judge the quality of metal is the material, aluminum ceiling panel has good flexibility, purity and it is light
4.The thickness specification of household ceiling is 0.55mm,0.6mm,0.7mm and so on
5.Be sure the installation of ceiling keel, plate and other is firm