Surface treatment series:
Thermal transfer:

Thermal transfer technology, also known as thermal sublimation,can be designed to produce a variety of thermal effects of the pattern of transfer film, portrait, landscape,wood,marble,relief and other arbitrary graphics,thermal transfer printing graphics using the ink high-precision paper and then through the corresponding thermal transfer equipment in a short period of time heated to a certain temperature, the color of the paper image, vividly transferred to the product on a special process.The pattern is transferred to the  surface of the product by not pressing, the pattern layer is rich after the transfer, the product is durable, the pattern will not fall of, the crack and the fading will not change the original gloss of the product due to the thermal transfer, the better Wear resistance,weatherability, acid and alkali resistance and other characteristics of the after molding and product dissolved into one flower-shaped fine, colorful, realistic color, strong sense of three-dimensional ,clear level, greatly enhance the building's image and grade.
Wooden Grain Aluminium venneer

Aluminium veneer lmitation Wood Grain/Stone grain:
lmitation wood grain/lmitation stone grain veneer is a high-grade aluminium alloy as the main material, according to the project site design size, shape and structure form, molded through CNC bending technology, and using fluorocarbon coating on the surface on the basis of the wood grain film by vacuum treatment or thermal transfer printing, a kind of high-grade metal decorative materials by the wood grain film pad printing on aluminium panels of coating,imitation wood grain/imitating stone grain aluminium veneer show high-grade, gorgeous,vivid color texture, look regined, rich wood grain patterns,lifelike,texture clear.Fireproof,anticorrosion, moisture-proof,rustproof, breakage-proof,ultraviolet-proof, environmental, reduce materials waste of resources. Patterns firmlw abrasion resistant, formaldehyde-free, non-toxic,non-harmful gas emissions, hardness and strength are all wood can not be compared.Long service life, do not change color maintain 5-15years, no deformationplasticity. Can be processed into a variety of complex shapes. Pecliar molecular structure,the degree of transparency of ultr aviolet rays in sunshine is only 1%, so that the ageing-resistance and resistance to weathering of product far exceed any other kind of spray products.