What is the difference between fluorocarbon spraying and powder spraying?
What is the difference between fluorocarbon spraying and powder spraying?
What is the difference between fluorocarbon spraying and powder spraying? We will give you the answer according to the information and our production experience.

1. Basic introduction
    Fluorocarbon spray coating: PVDF fluorocarbon coating and PVDF special primer are used, both of which are solvent-based liquid coatings.
    Powder coating: The coating used is powder coating, commonly known as plastic powder. The main types are epoxy-polyester powder coating (indoor plastic powder), polyester powder coating (field plastic powder), epoxy powder coating (anticorrosive powder). Powder coatings are solvent-free solid coatings.

2. Spraying technology
    Both powder spraying and fluorocarbon spraying are suitable for assembly line spraying.?Both powder spraying and PVDF spraying require surface treatment before spraying.
    PVDF coating can be electrostatic spraying or general spraying.?
    Electrostatic spraying, friction gun spraying, fluidized bed spraying, and other methods are used for powder coatings. The first is electrostatic spraying.

PVDF coating
powder coating
3. Baking temperature?
    PVDF coating baking temperature: 230℃, 15min.?
    Powder coating baking temperature: indoor plastic powder 180℃, 20min; outdoor plastic powder: 200℃, 20min; ?

4. Features?
Weather resistance (outdoor UV resistance, yellowing resistance, gloss and color retention, wind and sun resistance): ?
    Fluorocarbon spraying: more than 15 years, powder spraying (pure polyester powder), 7-8 years.?
Film thickness: ?
    Fluorocarbon spraying: about 35-60μm overall.?Because the fluorocarbon paint is thin. If the polishing and surface treatment are not good, there will be scratches, dents, and other defects. If the technology is not mature, the fluorocarbon paint is more prone to chromatic aberration, cracking, etc.
    Powder spraying: 60-120μm, different depending on the type.

5. Appearance:
    Fluorocarbon spraying: plain, metallic. The gloss is generally not high.?
    Powder spraying: artistic paint such as plain color, metallic color, wrinkle, sand pattern, etc. It can be made in bright, matte, matt, etc.
    Fluorocarbon spraying: PVDF paint includes 2 layers and 3 layers. Need professional factory production. The deployment of experienced workers is required. Under normal circumstances, the construction cost of the PVDF spraying production line is very high. The cost is greater than the spray production line. More spray workers are needed.

    Powder coating: Powder spraying is more harmful to the human body. But the overall cost is lower than PVDF spraying. The price of powder coating will also be lower than that of PVDF coating.

7.Customer preferences
    Our Projects Are Mainly Concentrated In Hongkong And Australia. We have cooperated with well-known construction companies in Hong Kong and Australia for many years. We have completed more than 6000 projects. Our products are known for high quality.  Now we also maintain a close cooperative relationship.

    Australian customers prefer to use powder coating. And Hong Kong customers prefer to use PVDF spraying. However, the choice of coating must refer to the designer’s opinion, and choose the most suitable coating according to the specific use scenario.