Aluminum Ceiling Systems
Aluminum Ceiling Systems
The preliminary design of this Saiyi custom perforated acoustical ceiling system , started as a multi-angled, exposed lay-in ceiling system. Due to the complexity and cost of this acoustical ceiling system, the architect, requested design assistance to be able to keep the acoustical ceiling within the project budget.Saiyi met the challenge and was able to develop a gridless acoustical ceiling system, which would be easy to install and fit within the tight budget constraints.

The visual complexity of the acoustical ceiling system. every triangular shaped acoustical panel is unique in size and angles, and is suspended at various heights and planes. Making these abstract ceiling panels proved to be challenging due to the 3-dimensional nature, requiring multiple set-ups per panel.

This acoustical ceiling project captures the distinctive idea of the architect that can be best described as “origami”. Acoustical panels are suspended at different heights with most of the panels being visible from all sides. Adding to the difficulty, the installer had to splay hanger wires at various lengths and angles to minimize their appearance. Also, numerous obstructions had to be avoided, such as doors, lighting fixtures, air ducts, with the whimsical acoustical ceiling continuing through a cylindrical logo feature wall.