Customized Design Aluminium Panel
Customized Design Aluminium Panel
  1. light weight, good rigidity, high strength 3.0mm thick aluminium plate and per square is 8kg, tensile strength is 100-280n/mm2
  2. Good Weather resistance and corrosion resistance.
  3. Surface coating due to chose the fluorocarbon coating, so it has strong weather resistance and ultraviolet resistance, color and lustre stay for a long time, good corrosion resistance, can be in a bad -50℃ to 80℃ under the condition of using leg color in 20years.
  4. Good in usability. Using spray painting process after processing first, aluminium plate can be processed into plane, rich color so that choose pace is large
  5. Uniform coating, color diversity.Advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the paint bonding to aluminium sheet be uniform, color varietym choose space is large
  6. Defile not easily, easy cleaning and maintenance.Fluorine coating film of viscosity, the surface is very difficult to attached pollutants, have self-cleaning.
  1. the acid-proof alkaline is good. Fluorocarbon coatings is the most excellent outdoor performance of coatings
  2. Good processability, easy cutting, welding, bending modeling and facilitate construction site installation, that is unmatched by other decorative materials
  3. Sound insulation, shock absorption performance is good, and can add behind sound-absorbing cotton, rock wool sound-absorbing insulation, good flame retardant, during non-toxic fire smoke
  4. Color optional wide, beautiful color, can be arbitrary choice
  5. INstallation, construction convenient and quick. Aluminium molding in the factory, construction site. Without cutting, can be fixed on the frame
  6. Can be recycled, is better for the environment
  7. Aluminium plate can be 100%recovery, is different from the glass, stone, ceremic, the adomment material such as aluminium, high recycling salvage value
Production Line for Aluminium Panel