Best Modern Aluminum Ceiling-Drop Ceiling or Stretch Ceiling
A aluminum ceiling, stretch ceiling or drop ceiling is a protruding ceiling that hangs below the primary ceiling, and is often installed in commercial and industrial buildings with roofing tiles. They can be used in residential buildings. but the existing
Saiyi 10models aluminum ceiling(clip in) for Moisture Resistant ceiling
Saiyi Aluminum Ceiling now issue more than 10 new models for decoration of the bathroom and kitchen room. In this rainy season. Mold and mildew can appear in areas of your home wherever moisture is present, and ventilation is limited.
All About Bathroom Aluminum Ceiling
Aluminum ceilings are a system of lightweight metal rails suspended by wire from a higher ceiling, which are then fitted with tiles of some sort. Popular in commercial office spaces to easily hide mechanical things like ductwork and wiring runs, the netwo