Fireproof interior aluminium profile round tube baffle ceiling

Item No.: SY-BC-25
Our Aluminum products are applicated into many projects, like as all kinds of ceiling,home decoration, office, meeting room, school, grand hotel, hospital, supermarket, subway station or some other high-class place. ODM / OEM and custom built welcome.

Fireproof interior aluminium profile round tube baffle ceiling
Aluminum Baffle Ceiling is one of the ceiling materials in recent years,it has many characteristics,
 Including an open field of vision,ventilation,breathable,neat the crisp lines,distinct,all these reflecting its concise
modern style.In addition.the installation and disassemble of aluminum fangtong are very simple and convenient,
gradually has become more and more popular as the main products in decoration market in recent years.
Diameter Thickness Length Certificate
50mm 0.6~1.5mm 0~6000mm ISO9001:2015
Material Aluminium alloy 1050 Aluminium alloy 1100 Aluminium alloy 3003
Surface Treatment Powder coated Polyester Pre-Painted
Type of Surface Plain  Perforated Wooden Grain