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Learn How to Measure Your Ceiling for Aluminum Ceiling Tiles

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Update time : 2020-11-06 10:49:10

Before ordering your aluminum ceiling tiles, you first need to know how many aluminum ceiling tiles to get. Let's look at how to measure your ceiling.

Naturally, you want to match the number of metal ceiling tiles you order as closely as possible to your ceiling size, going a little over rather than under to ensure that you have enough. However, measuring your ceiling can be a bit of a pain in the neck in the most literal sense. In order to avoid the discomfort that comes with straining to measure your ceiling, it is best to learn the quickest and simplest methods for taking a ceiling measurement.

Start by using  online cost estimator to get an idea of the number of panels you will require.
With a ceiling measurement that is accurate and reliable, you can order your aluminum ceiling tiles knowing you have a sufficient supply to complete your project. Many do not realize that it should not take long to accurately measure your ceiling, and you should not be left nursing a stiff neck for days afterward, either. With a simple method on hand, your measurements should take no more than a few minutes.

Here’s a Quick Guide on How to Measure Your Ceiling Quickly And Accurately

Spending several minutes (or worse yet, an hour or more) measuring your ceiling can have you feeling the effects days later. Here are a few steps and tips to measuring your ceiling both quickly and accurately:

  • Measuring A Square Room – Measuring a perfectly square or rectangular room with a flat ceiling is simple and should only take a couple of minutes. Simply get the length of your ceiling, write the number down, take the width of your ceiling, and take note of that measurement as well. Take your length measurement, multiply it by your width measurement, and then divide the result by 144. Typically, your measurements will be in inches, and dividing the resulting number by 144 (or the number of inches in a square foot) will give you your square footage for ordering your metal ceiling tiles.
  • Measuring A Room With Small Additions – In some instances, you’ll have a mostly square room, but that room will have a single additional space like a reading nook or an area for a vanity. To measure this space, measure the square or rectangular portion of the ceiling first as you would if your room were perfectly angled. After taking those measurements, measure the small additional area separately and add those measurements to your room measurements before dividing by 144.
  • Keeping Your Neck In Shape – Even if you only spend a short while measuring your ceiling, it’s important to consider your neck and the type of strain you’re putting it under. Before measuring your ceiling, take a moment to stretch your neck by bringing your head from side to side, with each ear touching each shoulder. Afterward, relax your neck muscles and look up, then look down. If taking measurements takes longer than expected, don’t be afraid to take a break to give your neck a nice stretch and some time to relax. With the methods we’ve mentioned, however, measuring your ceiling for metal ceiling tiles should not take that long.

Not Just For Ceilings

While metal ceiling tiles are, of course, made for ceilings, that is not their sole purpose. You can use metal ceiling tiles to create accent walls, make your own backsplashes, adorn oven range hoods, and decorate furniture. In order to do any of those things, however, you’ll need to take the correct measurements to know just how many metal ceiling tiles you’ll need.

If you’re measuring a wall for a metal ceiling tile accent wall, approach the measurement as you would with the ceiling. Take the length and width of the wall and multiply them to get the wall’s area. If the wall has windows or doors, measure those elements and subtract their areas from the overall area of the wall. Divide the result by 144 inches to get the square footage of your wall space.

Measuring for a backsplash or a piece of furniture is just as easy. But if you should feel any neck or arm discomfort during the measuring process, it’s important to take a stretch break. By approaching your measurements in a straightforward fashion, the time they take is reduced, saving you from the soreness and pain that often accompanies the task.

Always follow the old adage – measure twice and cut once! Measure your ceiling before placing an order for tiles. It’s better to order an extra tile so you can finish your project rather than underestimating and having to order again.

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