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FULL DOWNWARD ACCESSIBILITY FOR Aluminum Suspension ceiling system

A Complete ceiling suspension system for ease of installation and maintenance ease, speed and accuracy of installation as well as access to the plenum for maintenance and repairs  thereafter are important aspects to be considered when choosing the right ceiling system  for the space.
We offer a range of custom suspension and mounting options to best suit your project objectives.

For added flexibility in your design most of our products can be integrated into our proprietary Saiyi aluminum ceiling suspension system. Saiyi aluminum suspension system is a conceal and extrusion  grid that allows 

geometrical and radial shapes, multi-level ceiling construction and integrated LEDs that lock onto the grid itself. It is customizable, fully-engineered and 100% downwardly accessible through the use of a unique torsion spring mechanism permitting individual panels to be "hinged" down for easy access to the plenum without the need to take them off the grid, thus preventing potential damage and soiling. When maintenance is complete, guiding fins on the extrusions lock panels perfectly into place and ensure meticulous alignment throughout the entire area of the ceiling.