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Aluminum Ceiling Tiles

2020 Powder Coating 600*1200 Aluminium Ceiling(Clip in type)

Item No.: SY-AC-09
1.Made from Guangxi Saiyi Building Material
2.Material:Superior quality Aluminium Alloy
3.Different drawing and surface are available
4.Outstanding suspension system
5.Easy to hangle and install
6.Artistic visual affect
7.Suit for bathroom, kitchen,
2020 Powder Coating 600*1200 Aluminium Ceiling(Clip in type)
Aluminium Ceiling Tile

Aluminium Ceiling is made of rustproof high-strength alloy aluminium sheet, surface coated with multi-layer PVDF.
Popular used in office, hospital, subway station, railway station, shopping malls, airport, big clubs and etc.
Feature at fireproof,anti-corrosion, thermo stability, good weather resistance and high sound absorption

Clip- in square ceiling size:
Ceiling type Thickness(mm) Height(mm) Size(mm) Edge type
Clip in Ceiling 0.45-0.6 18/20 300*300 Beveled Edge/Square Edge
Clip in ceiling 0.45-0.7 18/20/25 600*600 Beveled Edge/Square Edge
Clip in Ceiling 0.75-0.9 18/20/25 300*1200 Beveled Edge/Square Edge
Clip in Ceiling 0.75-1.0 18/20/25 600*1200 Beveled Edge/Square Edge

Aluminium ceiling panel is widely used as exterior wall decorative material in skyscraper.
1.Supermarket, marketplace
2.Underground, airport, bus station, Subway
3.Building lobby, metro station
4.Hotel halls, restaurant, railway station
5.School, office, meeting room, hospital
6.Commercial building
7.Bank, Exhibition hall tall building, government building
Installation for aluminium ceiling(clip in)