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Roll Coating Process of Aluminium Sheet

After degreasing and chemical treatment, the surface of aluminum plate is coated with high quality coating, which is cured by drying. The smoothness of the coating on the surface of the roller is higher than that of the spraying plate. Color on the pearl and matte light, the market is often the pearl. The price is higher than spraying. The most characteristic of the roller coating is the high degree of the color simulation, the quality of the roller coating process is very different, except for all the materials, there is a few times with it to paint, such as two coated two rollers, is a spray is a roast once, and then spray then bake, so that the color more evenly smooth, good roller coating price is also very expensive, vivid color, durable. Imported Fluorocarbon roll coating is also a kind of rolling, is in the pigment add fluorine carbon, make the color adhesion stronger, the service life is bigger, the acid alkali resists corrosion, often is used in the building exterior decoration (not afraid rain), the price cost is very high, is the roller coating board the most upscale one kind. Roller coating surface treatment process is as follows: Roller coating plate has a topcoat, primer, back paint, paint is mainly played a anti-oxidation effect, so that the use of life longer. Semi-finished-on-machine-molding-next piece and inspection-packaging storage. The surface of roller coating is even, smooth, without leakage, shrinkage, scratching, shedding and other obvious defects. But the surface of the bubble, concave points, inclusions and other micro-defects, these belong to the normal phenomenon.