Wooden Grain Square tube aluminum baffle ceiling

Item No.: SY-BC-W08
Aluminum baffle ceiling
Made from  aluminum alloy
Use: Ceilings
Applications:Residential, commercial, corporate
Characteristics: custom made, choice of wood material, wide finishing range
Wooden grain aluminum baffle ceiling offer innovative and stun
Wooden Grain Square tube aluminum baffle ceiling

Baffle ceilings are perfect for acoustics and noise control in public areas.From a design point of view, baffle ceilings offer
a spatial pattern with a linear open ceiling.From a practical point of view, it is easy to install and access
the ceiling and additional services such as lighting, pa system, sprinklers
Profile lengths up to 6000mm
Profile heights: 20~200mm
Profiles widths: 20,30,40 and 50mm
Standard FE carrier 40*50mm, black
On site waste reduction with factory fabricated dimensional material
Downweight: reduce static load with lightweight steel or aluminium standard from pre-painted steel strip
Easy plenum access
Ceilings with baffles are suitable for most building sectors including corporate,transport(airports, metro,bus and train stations)retail, leisure, public space, hospitally, healthcare or eduction