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Aluminum Ceiling Tiles

Film Coating Aluminium Drop Ceiling

Item No.: SY-CI-25
Made from Guangxi Saiyi Building Material
1.Rust Resistance and Fire Resistance
2.Moisture Resistance and Fade Proof
4.Acid and Alkali Resistance
Film Coating Aluminium Drop Ceiling

Panels are either plain or perforated
The standard perforation is 1.8mm diameter holes on 3.3mm diagonal square pattern giving a 19% open area.
Perforation with 2.3mm,3.0mm and other diameters are also available
Sound Absorption
The back of the perforated panels comes with acoustic material,Sound tex C1986S/W.This material is non-flammable and meets the requirement of building material class B1.
The Panels
Material: 0.5~0.8mm thick aluminium plate.Other thickness available on request.
Weight:Average 1.83kg per square meter
Surface Finish:Polyester powder-coated
and other size
Colour:White or other colours available on request
Fire Resistance
Meet stringent requirements of Class B1

The Suspension System
All main and cross carriers as well as brackets and clips are made of galvanized steel
Rod Hanger: 4mm hanger with adjustable clip
Angle:Aluminium capping wall angle or painted steel wall angle
Size: 24mm*24mm
Each panel is protected by an individual plastic cover.Each carton box contains 20panels
Quality System
Awareded ISO9001