Aluminum Baffle Ceiling
Aluminum Ceilings and panels in general

This article is part  in a series of aluminum ceiling tile article lookings  at the advantages of the aluminum ceiling through a variety of applications.
There are hundreds of variations of aluminum ceiling tiles that can be achieved.
Due to their composition and strength, aluminum ceilings can achieve finishes and longevity measures that mineral fibre tiles can not.
 Cootes alerted us to finishes such as aluminum baffle and wave effects, polished stainless steeel tiles that achieve a mirror finish and the plethora of colours that can be added to the aluminum ceiling tiles.
The main thing is that you can have things custom made to suit whatever you need  metal is the best material to do this sort of thing with,” he said.

Apart from their compatibility with a chilled beam system, more and more aluminum ceiling tiles are being used for features of a building in places like offices and building foyers.”

“They are for those looking to get away from the clinical, boring and traditionally white ceiling tiles.”

Finally, and following from our discussions with architects and suppliers, the distinguishing feature of metal-pan ceiling tiles are their compatibility with chilled beam cooling systems. They are the only variation of ceiling tiles in the market that can facilitate this system.

Aluminum ceiling tiles also come in an endless array of perforations and most suppliers will even customise your tiles to meet your perforation demands.