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Two Types of aluminum ceilings and when to use them

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Update time : 2020-08-01 15:57:13
But to keep it simple it's easier just to work from three main types of grid systems and then you can differentiate with 
How individual aluminum ceiling tiles attach to that grid.
The systems cootes refers to are the clip in , lay on varieties, all of which differ in the way they attach to a aluminum ceiling grid and also in the finish and functionality they can achieve.
These grid systems can also used with other types of aluminum ceiling tiles such as aluminum ceiling but due to 

 their composition, a metal pan ceiling can achieve different shapes and finishes that non-metal varieties cannot.

Following is a list of the types of grids and their most suited applications. More importantly the list will describe ways you can utilise metal pan with that associated grid to take your ceiling to places unseen in non-metal applications.
1.Lay-IN Aluminum Ceiling Tile


Above ceiling tiles lay on a T-shaped runner such as top-left. Right: NAB Docklands building utilises a perforated metal lay-in tile system.  

The grid of a lay-in tile system is fully seen and is the most common product in standard office buildings.

Tiles are simply placed on a T-shaped runner (above left), generally between 10 and 25mm, and can be easily installed and demounted as individual tiles. 

Cootes drew attention to the flexibility that lay-in tiles afford to maintenance requirements and services that need to access the ceiling void above the tiles.

“Lay-in tiles are extremely easy to remove and flexible for services such as electricians, plumbers, aircondition and that sort of thing,” he said.

“They are also the easiest to move around when renovating and shifting office spaces.


Offices, places that require consistent maintenance, buildings with chilled beam systems such as the above NAB Docklands building by Woodsbagot. (Image: Armstrong)
Without perforations they are also generally more wind proof than other suspended ceiling systems.


Above left: the clip-in system; ceiling tiles clip into the suspended runner. Due to their washability clip-in tiles see consistent use in transport hubs such as St Pancras International in London. Images: SAS International.

Ceiling tiles on a clip-in system do just that - they clip on to the suspended grid and therefore conceal the grid from view. Manufacturers have their own unique clip-in systems that match their boards but generally they all consist of a spring tee runner from which boards clip on to.

Cootes explained that clip-in tiles involve a special demountable tool to access the ceiling plenum and thus aren’t as convenient for services as a lay-in tile. They can, however, withstand upward cleaning pressure that lay-in tiles can’t, so cleaners can remove stubborn marks without damaging or moving the tile.

“An answer to their lack of accessibility however would be the hinged-down system,” said Cootes.

“The hinge-downs aren’t used throughout the whole ceiling, just in places that need to be accessed by services.”


  • These are suitable for food preparation areas and hospitals where cleanliness is important and tiles are frequently cleaned and hosed down.  
  • They are also used frequently in airport and transport hubs.
  • Unlike mineral fibre boards, metal pan is impervious to moisture so they can be hosed down without damaging the board or causing it to sag or stain.


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