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How to maintain an SAIYI aluminum ceiling

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Maintaining an Saiyi aluminum ceiling is easy.
Here are some quick tips to keepp your Saiyi Aluminum Ceiling step
1.Remove dust or loose dirt with a brush or vacuum with an attachment used for upholstery .Always clean in one direction to avoid rubbing dirt or debris into the aluminum ceiling tile
2.Remove pencil marks, smudges, and stubborn dirt with an ordinary art gum eraser.
3.Use fresh, good grade wall cleaner to tackle stubborn spots
4.Most aluminum ceiling may be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge and mild soap. use as little water as possible and wipe the soapy film off with a clean, damp cloth or sponge

*Please note that this cleaning method does not apply to cloth-faced ceiling panels.

5. Some ceilings can withstand scrubbing, moisture and germicidal cleaners. Be sure to read the performance features of your specific ceiling.

Cleaning Recommendations guide.
Saiyi Aluminum ceiling panels&suspended systems products
Cleaning Methods
A- A commercial vacuum system with 100-inches/H2O vacuum capacity is recommended for removing dust particles.The vacuum system cleaning attachment should be a 3' diameter wand with natural hair bristle. A vacuum filter is recommended to minimize air norne dust during the cleaning process. Care must be taken while vacuuming to avoid excessive pressure. Use a blotting action to minimize potential loss of surface texture.
B-Using a damp cloth or sponge with a mild detergent, wipe lightly on surface of board to remove dirt.
C-Use a damp cloth or sponge with a mild detergent to wipe with medium pressure on surface to be cleaned
D-Using a soft-bristled brush with water and a mild detergent,gently scrub the face of the product.
E-Routine maintenance consists of frequent vacuuming to minimize dirt accumulation. A dry shampoo from a spray can is applied to the fabric as foam and worked into the fabric with a damp sponge. The residue is then vacuumed to remove the foam and dirt. A wet shampoo is a sprayed cleaning agent that foams after it is applied. Work in with damp sponge and vacuum to remove residue. Badly soiled fabric can be cleaned using a steam cleaning or hot water extraction process. Small residential steam cleaners can be used much in the same manner as when cleaning upholstery. However, be very careful not to over wet the panel surface since this  can cause fabric to delaminate.Commercial steam cleaners should use their upholstery tool since this applies only a fine mist and will not over wet the fabric. The commercial vacuum should be reduced to about 30psi to prevent damage to the panel surface since this can cause fabric to delaminate.The commercial vacuum should be reduced to about 30psi to prevent damage to the panel. Vinyl-face aluminum ceiling can be cleaned wiith soapy water. using a sponge or cloth.\
F-Use a mild household cleaner and a sofe cloth.Before cleaning the grid, remove the ceiling panels to prevent cleaning solution or dirt from getting on the panels.
G-Abrasive or strong chemical detergent should not be used. A mild detergent diluted in warm water, applied with a soft cloth, rinsed and finally wiped off with a chamois will maintain the ceiling in good condition. Oily or stubborn stains, if not removed by washing, can be wiped with products , but care is necessary to avoid affecting the gloss level of the paint finish.
H-Use a clean,dry, soft,white cloth to wipe off any dirt or greasy fingerprints.If this does not  clean the panel, use a damp,clean,soft, white cloth or sponge with a mild detergent to wipe the panel
I-Use a feather duster or vacuum to remove dust from colored products
J-Avoid wiping the panel surfaces with abrasive compounds of any type. Panels should be handled with clean gloves/hands to avoid fingerprints.Static charges that may build up after removing protective masking can be removed by wiping the sheet with a cloth dampened with water. Lightly duster or soft, clean cloth first. Panels may then be cleaned with a small amount of dishwashing liquid in warm water. Keep the cleaning cloth free of grit by frequently rinsing in clean water.
K-Use a damp cloth, sponge or soft-bristled brush with water and mild, clear detergent or disinfectant. Gently wipe or scrub the panel surface with medium pressure.Lightly spray panels with a clear cleaning agent or clear disinfectant and wipe clean with a dry cloth
L-Use a clean, dry, soft white cloth to wipe off any dirt or greasy fingerprints. If this does not clean the panel, use a damp, clean, soft white cloth
M- An effective way to clean scuffs marks that may have transferred to the slats from the black backers or dowels is to use a rag and naphtha or mineral spirits to wipe the slats.
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