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Aluminum Suspended Ceiling

Aluminum Suspended Ceiling, sometimes called false ceiling or dropped ceilings, are lower than the true ceiling in a room. Used extensively in commercial buildings, in homes, these types of ceilings can conceal an existing ceiling or piping and ductwork that cannot be moved.They are especially popular for refinishing basements or converting raw areas into living space because installation is easier and often more affordable than adding a true ceiling. A dropped ceiling consists of a metal grid on which the tiles are suspended.The grid is attached to the walls but it is also supported by metal wires that hang from the original ceiling. Many options exist for the tiles used-from fiberglass to plastic, tin and cork.Moreover, repair of these ceiligns is also easy because they can be slipped out and replaced.
One major caveat for installing a these ceiling types is to consider whether the original one is high enough. A finished dropped ceiling height of 6.8 feet is generally  the based required for habitable rooms.

Otherwise, the ceiling will be too low.Also note that recessed lighting is typically the best- or only-choice for lwer dropped ceilings.