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Best Modern Aluminum Ceiling-Drop Ceiling or Stretch Ceiling

A aluminum ceiling, stretch ceiling or drop ceiling is a protruding ceiling that hangs below the primary ceiling, and is often installed in commercial and industrial buildings with roofing tiles. They can be used in residential buildings. but the existing ceiling should be high enough to accommodate it. A aluminum ceiling or dropped ceilign can go a long way towards disguising the poor condition of a primary ceiling, or hiding wires, ducting and pipes. The distance between the structural ceiling and dropped ceiling is called a " plenum space" and can vary from a few contimeters to several meters.

The tiles and panels on the surface of a aluminum ceiling or dropped ceiling can come from a variety of materials. Tiles designed from aluminum can help in improving the room's acoustics and enhancing soundproofing. The grid arrays and frames are usually made of metal. Suspended ceilings are normally associated with commercial or industrial buildings, and sometimes large scale urban dwellings.